Hernan recounts the wonders of his experience!

Experience It Cycling offers everything to have a wonderful cycling experience in Barolo, Piedmot, Italy: lodge, bike, personal guide, recommendations, etc.  Experience It Cycling is handled by Kerrie.  She does everything form the commercial piece to the tours themselves.  Thus, I will introduce her.  Kerrie is an Australian settled in Italy with her family but seems an Italian who has lived abroad and thus acquired a very particular and nice accent when she speaks Italian.  She was a professional swimmer and now she is passionate of bikes and cycling.  She has deeply understood the essence of the place where she lives and she knows everybody, every hill, wine canteens, restaurants, castles, etc.  For some neighbors she is Kerrie, for others she is “la mamma di Molly e Izzy”, her two beautiful kids, or “la moglie di Johnny”.

I am of Italian descent, live in Argentina and I like to connect with the Italian culture.   This time I travelled to Italy to visit relatives in Asti and I had four free-days during which I wanted to combine some outdoor activity with a cultural tour.

I was referred to Experience It Cycling by the Ente Turismo Alba Bra Langhe e Roero (a Governmental Agency that promotes tourism in that area of Northern Italy).  Their recommendation couldn’t be better for my needs because by only contacting Experience It Cycling everything was solved:  lodging, bike, activities, etc.  My stay at the house at Monforte d’Alba was very pleasant.  It is very comfortable and well-equipped and maintains its local flavor (cellar with collection of wines included).  I imagined myself a Piedmontese countryman living in the house.

The cycle tours were superb.  I am 45 years old and 20 years without even touching a bike.  Kerrie was smart in training me and in organizing the tours.  As soon as the second day, I was ready for tours of some 20 kilometers in the middle of hills, castles, vineyards, ancient towns (Grinzane Cavour, Barolo, Dogliani, Novello, Castiglione Falletto, etc) and making the stops to visit the several attractions in each of these places.  She provides the bike (has several models for all type of cyclers), the clothes, helmet, etc.   The bike tours took all morning and she was able to plan them perfectly so I could arrive home at the due time for preparing myself for having lunch with a friend.  I think Kerrie was also able to calculate the right level of “fatigue”.  I thought I was exhausted but after a shower I was as fresh as a daisy to continue my activities.  After lunch and some rest, in the afternoon, Kerrie came back with her car to pick me up for a tour to more distant places like Racconigi, Cherasco, Pollenzo, all full of art and history.  She hires local guides for these places, focusing on history, art or other aspects as per your interests.

The key of everything is Kerrie’s flexibility.  If you want an agonistic tour, all day on the bike, Kerrie will certainly organize it if you want a more “quiet one” she will do it with pleasure too.  In large groups, in small groups, alone, etc.  And you can freely talk price, dates, etc and she will surely come back with a good proposal. Kerrie is also a good companion for lunch, for talking, etc. and never invades your privacy.

The area offers a lot of things:  a beautiful landscape, history, art, good food and wine, things to do at night, etc.  I had a wonderful time in these four days at Barolo.

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