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Since coming here to Italy we’ve come to understand that there is beer and there is BEER! Being introduced to amazing Italian craft beer has been quite an experience. No preservatives, no additives, non pasteurised this stuff tastes absolutely amazing. And with the help of our resident BB, Simone we have been lucky enough to stumble upon some amazing producers such as Birra del Borgo, Croce di Malto

Birra Italiana great Italian craft beer available in Australia Brewfist and SorAlama. We liked the beer so much we thought it was a shame that everyone in Oz didn’t have a chance to share it so we started importing it into Australia via our wine and beer importing business Experienceit wines/ Birra Italiana Now the beers are heading down under in a big way and they are even going to take on the worlds best at the Australian Industry Beer Awards in May. Since diving into the world of beer we are amazed to find that there are a huge group of beer connoissers that really know and appreciate their beer. So now we’re going to take our passion for the beer one step further and start undertaking not just wine tours but beers tours. These tours will get you some hands on time with these great beer producers in their birrerias , visit their suppliers and enable you to match these great beers with the amazing food of the area. Check out the article written about the tours in Brewnews . So whatever your poison beer or wine, Experienceit we’ll design a tour for you that enables you to get the most out of your passion for the liquid stuff. Drop us a line and ask us for more details

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